Our product is unique and different, therefore we understand you may have lots of questions and while we tried to answer as many as possible, email us at if we missed any.

The mobile app allows you to review and manage your monthly Carol plan, additional products, upcoming and past car activities from your smart-phone. It will send you real time notifications and make sure you are always aware when your car needs a service or your driving score has changed, adjustment is due, etc. The app will show real-time driving analysis and present Carol Smart Driver reports. Same data will help us adjust your insurance cost, if you are Carol Beacon client.
The fee includes all routine maintenance costs, as well as a comprehensive insurance policy, any selected add-ons, and Carol analytics. The fee is calculated for a period of one year and is charged on a monthly basis. Standard insurance cover includes:
  • Courtesy car
  • Windscreen cover
  • Driving abroad
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Sound equipment cover
Servicing fees include*:
  • Interim services
  • Full services
  • MOT
*Servicing schedule is calculated based on the model of your vehicle, as well as its age and mileage.
Optional add-ons are value-adding insurance and service products. Those can be selected during sign-up or at any point later. Example add-ons would be:
  • Breakdown Cover
  • High quality courtesy vehicle
  • Key Protection
  • Legal Protection
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Extended Warranty
Beacon is a small device that plugs into the 12V power plug of your vehicle. It helps Carol collect driving data to offer you the best insurance cover price. The Beacon should be kept plugged in the vehicle for the first 3 months, until we collect enough data. After the first 3 months, we will adjust your insurance premium based on your driving score and you will have the option to remove the Beacon and return it to us. You can chose to keep the Beacon plugged in your vehicle for as long as you like, hopefully further reducing monthly insurance premium charges.
Carol won’t share your driving information with the Police or toany civil authorities unless we have your permission, are required to do so by law (i.e. we’ve received a Court Order) or we suspect fraud. Apart from that, we only share your personal data with our partners that need to see it in order to service and administer your car insurance policy. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
You can choose to opt-out of the Carol Beacon service at sign-up. This means that you will not be eligible for insurance premium adjustments. You can choose to opt-in at any given time and will be offered an adjusted insurance premium after the first month.
All routine service and MOT costs are included. Any unexpected additional work required will be charged extra*, after we have given you a quote and received your approval. You can choose to take care of the repairs yourself, in that case we will return the car to you. *If you selected optional Extended Warranty cover as part of your Carol package, most unexpected repairs will be covered at no extra cost.
You can request emergency services and breakdown assistance through Carol mobile app or by calling our emergency line. We will dispatch vehicle breakdown service and even contact emergency services if needed. As an optional add-on, Carol can provide you with a 24/7 roadside assistance and breakdown cover - eliminating any costs associated with breakdown services disspatch. *Carol emergency services do not require the optional add-on to be selected. Emergency services are included in standard package.
All Carol partner garages are carefully selected, certified and approved. We use only OE (Original Equipment) standard for all parts used, and all the garages undergo quarterly quality review.
Adjustments may apply to the monthly fees of Carol Beacon customers. Using data collected, Carol will generate a driving score for you, assessing your driving habits. A high score will result in reduced monthly fees, whereas a low score may result in fees being increased*. While you continue using the Beacon, Carol will adjust your fees quarterly. You can review forecasts of what your fees could look like after 1 month of being covered. This will give you the chance to review the way you drive so you can affect your driving score. 2 weeks before any adjustments to monthly fees we will notify you with details of any actual change. You can cancel Carol Beacon at any time, but if your driving score is low you might not be able to return to regular plan pricing. To improve the score you will need to adjust your driving habits first. *While about 60% of customers will see reduction in monthly fees, about 20% will see an increase.
At any time you can choose to cancel your Carol membership. If an insurance claim was made recently or your car underwent a service, there might be an outstanding balance on your Carol account. Any outstanding balances must be covered before Carol membership is canceled.
Carol package cost is estimated using accurate insurance quotation and maintenance costs projections, based on the vehicle information. If in a given period servicing costs were lower than anticipated, the resulting positive account balance will be carried over to the following period. Such account surplus can be used to cover unexpected repairs, think of it as your car's "rainy day" fund.